Toddler repeats sweary description of goat in garden after learning it from mum

A funny video shows the moment an adorable toddler users very sweary language to describe an animal she spotted in her garden, after learning it from her mum.

Young Ivy Smith was amazed when she saw a goat in her garden, and when her mum, Sophie, walked into the room she pointed and declared ‘there’s a f*g goat outside’.

Sophie then corrected her daughter, saying ‘it’s just a goat’, to which two-year-old Ivy looks surprised, then says “no, it’s a f*g goat’ as if the swear word were a type of goat breed.

Sophie, from New Zealand, openly admits that her daughter learned the bad word from her, as just minutes before she saw the animal and, with Ivy in earshot, said: “There’s a f*g goat outside!”

Speaking to Stuff, Sophie said that she had opened the gate for a visitor who was coming over before going back into the house, adding that the goat must have entered at that point.

She said: “Now if anyone else is going to find a goat in their front yard they’re going to use the exact same language that I did. She copied me about three minutes later and I recorded it.

“People are criticising me for not telling her off, washing her mouth out with soap or hitting her to tell her off, and I thought I would never do any of those things to my children.

“And you think that’s better than her swearing? I just think the world’s backwards.”

Sophie added that she didn’t expect the video to get the reaction it has, as initially she sent it to just five friends.

But things have snowballed since then, as she now has 12,000 followers on TikTok and the video has around five million views and over 370,000 likes.

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