Mum swears by shaving cream hack to get rid of sunburn in just 30 minutes

A heatwave coinciding with a Bank Holiday and the reopening of pubs means a lot of Brits are probably currently nursing some sore sunburns.

Although lathering up in SPF and not exposing yourself to the sun for too long will always be the best advice, one woman has shared a hack to get rid of sunburn in 30 minutes – and people have hailed it a “godsend”.

Cindie Allen-Stewart, who lives in Texas, says she often burns despite taking all the precautions and tried plenty of methods to ease the pain but now “swears by” advice given to her from her mother-in-law.

The mum says that first and foremost she would always advocate wearing plenty of suncream, but if it’s too late for that then she advises that a specific shaving cream “works wonders” in relieving the painful symptoms.

In a viral Facebook post, Cindie wrote: “It takes the heat out of it fast and makes it more comfortable on you.

“First, buy some menthol foam shaving cream. It has to be the foam and it has to have menthol in it.

“We found Gillette shaving cream on Amazon since we had problems finding menthol foam in stores. We ended up buying 6 cans of it, but it works out because we live in Texas and sunburns happen a lot. (Plus, we have given a couple cans to friends.)

“Next, apply the shaving cream on the burn. It may seem like it’s a strange shaving ritual, but trust me! Don’t rub it in, just let it sit on your skin. It will start bringing all that heat out (you’ll be able to feel it). You may feel like you are itchy too, but that’s a good thing! Itching means healing.”

After 30 minutes, Cindie says the cream will dissolve and feel dried out and you will start to feel cold, adding: “That is a good sign!”

She continued: “Next, rinse it off in a lukewarm or cool shower or bath. It’s just to get the residue off. Finally, if you still need it, do it again the next day. Usually after that second treatment, the sunburn disappears.

“I use this on my kids too!”

Cindie says her mother-in-law picked up the tip from a doctor 40 years ago and “thought it was crazy then too until she saw it in action.”

She says it works better than other treatments she’s tried, including aloe vera, but added: “Please remember to always use sunscreen! Too much sun exposure can be dangerous and lead to cancer.

“By no means am I endorsing going out without sunscreen! I burn with sunscreen as well and know of the hassle, but it is worth it to wear it.”

The post was liked by hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook, as one commented to say: “This works amazing! With aloe you have to keep putting it on and it doesn’t help for very long.

“But the menthol shaving cream stopped the burning feeling after the first use permanently, and after the second I hardly feel the sunburn.”

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