Seahawks emerge as a potential Julio Jones trade destination

Two teams currently have tenuous relationships with their franchise quarterbacks. The best way for either team to mend fences could be to trade for Julio Jones.

In recent episodes of PFT Live, Simms and I have mentioned both the Packers and Seahawks as potential destinations for Jones. In either situation, the arrival of Julio would become a clear indication that management has decided to cater to Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson, respectively.

The Packers have not yet been linked to Jones. The Seahawks have now been linked to Jones. According to Dianna Russini of, the Seahawks “have had discussions” with the Falcons about a possible trade. Also, Wilson and Jones reportedly have spoken to each other about the possibility of playing together.

It won’t be easy for the Seahawks to get Jones. They don’t have a first-round pick in 2022, and their second-round pick likely will be low in the pecking order. The Seahawks also would have to create some cap space for Jones and his $15.3 million salary in 2021.

It also would represent a clear indication that the Seahawks intend to keep Wilson around for more than the 2021 season. It would become awkward, to say the least, if the Seahawks trade for Jones and then, after the coming season, trade Wilson.

But that would be the point of doing it, if it happens. The broader purpose would be to find a way to make Wilson happy and determined to stay in Seattle. To show him that he has influence over the roster. To stop treating him like an employee.

Or maybe they’re simply talking to the Falcons in order to placate Wilson, who wanted Josh Gordon in the past and more recently has lobbied for Antonio Brown. Coach Pete Carroll and/or G.M. John Schneider can plausibly tell Wilson that they looked into it, and that they realized they couldn’t pull it off.

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